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Soap Colors...powder or liquid ??


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What seems to work best? Powder or Liquid?

Is it hard to get the powder mixed good? I have not yet used the powder colors. I have only used liquid..

I am going to make a order from TKB trading, and wanted to get opinions first..

I am thinking of the Pop Colors...Neons...& Some Ultramarines.

Also does the Hydrated chromium Green make a pretty color in Cp soap...I really like the look of that green...

Thanks for any guideance on this...

Also any must haves for CP soap?

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You will be really happy with the pop colors I love them. I only use powders in mine oxides, micas, herbs etc. never tried liquid, but I do like using powders. I haven't had any trouble mixing either. I think some people mix them with glycerin also you might want to try that.

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I prefer powders - mica, untramarines, oxides, clays, botanicals - they morph much less than liquids (which also have completely disappeared on me!)

I mix all my powders with a bit of glycerin or some of the oils from my recipe before adding to the soap, it really helps to get them to blend.

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I tried the liquid sample pack from TKB. I way prefer the powdered. The liquids are just the powdered ones pre-mixed with glycerin. They are very hard to squeeze (the small bottles anyway) and they take forever to get a decent amount to come out. I ended up having to throw away 2 of my bottles cuz trying to squeeze them I dropped them in my oils. The ones I got in the co-op, I am very happy with. I do as kidsngarden said and just take a little of my oils (before lye) and mix the powder in. Works great!

ETA: The pop colors are awesome, so are the neons!!!

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