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first tries at GEL


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The orange soap here is gelled GM with Coppertone FO. I added a little orange mica, not sure how much of it is orange because of the mica and how much is orange cause of the GM!

The second is Axe-Essence, with aloe juice. It gelled as well, and I used a little green mica for the swirl that you can't really see. It didn't want to gel all the way to the edges, but still turned out ok.

Last is my first attempt at 100% coconut milk. No color, German Chocolate Cake FO, and gel.

Not sure I really like the whole gel deal, the soap is so much creamier and solid-looking when it doesn't gel... I'll have to wait and see how they feel in the shower in a month or so to make my final decision though!

Thanks for looking!


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It seems to me to be so much easier just sticking them in the freezer for an hour or so to prevent gel than to cover them up and keep peeking to make sure it reaches the edges. My molds are plastic, so I might try to come up with a system to warm the bottom a bit, maybe that'll help it spread. I think the orange one tried to overheat, as it has a little of the alien brain thing going on. When I saw that, I removed the cover that I had on it and let it cool a little.

One day I'll learn how to cut them uniform.. seems they're always different shapes!

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