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Can someone tell me the difference in these two tents?

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Ok, maybe I've used too much peroxide on my head for too many years now, but I just can't seem to see the difference in these two tents from sams, except about $50 bucks. Maybe I'm just looking too hard and overlooking something, but I've read all the specs and info, and they seem identical.

Could someone who has these, or maybe can read better than I can, LOL, tell me the difference and suggest which would be best. Or if there is something better out there.

These are both the E-Z Ups, but the first one is called Instant and the second one is called Embassy II



I'm planning on doing a few outside shows this year and normally it's either me and my mom or me and my aunt setting things up.(DH usually has to work on set up day) So I need something that's going to be as managable as possible for the two of us.



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Hey Jen.. I can let you know soon, as I just bought one!!

One can be shipped via online ordering (197.00) and the other you can pick up at your local club. (149.00)

I had my FIL pick one up at Sams club for $149.00 as they carried it at his.

He lives 2 hours away, and I have not gotten down there yet to get it.

The Sams in my area did not carry it..:undecided

Call your local Sam's and see if the have it in stock.

If you get it before me, let me know what you think..

I can't wait to put it up and see it!!

(ETS) Just saw Barncats post.. I think I got the 4' One..

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Thanks guys, I didn't even notice the difference in fold down size. Guess I'll be going with the $149 one.

The closest Sam's to me is about 1 1/2 hours away, but we go about every other month. They have a few things I just can't live without in bulk, soft pretzels, jalapeno poppers, bread sticks, etc etc. I'm just glad we have to drive so far to get to one, if I lived any closer, I'd weigh 300 pounds. LOL

I'll be making a trip to Sams in a couple of weeks to pick one up, before I spend my money on something else.

Islandgirl~make sure you post on how you like it when you get it, and I'll do the same.

Thanks everybody.


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