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Just ordered my Laser Printer~


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HP 2600N.

$299 at staples.com = free shipping too!!! (ok it is $399 with an instant rebate/coupon). I had to pay tax up front because I need to fax in some tax ID documentation on Monday but they'll refund that. And it'll be here TUESDAY!

The ladies over at the Dish (shh don't tell anyone I've been slumming LOLOL say it's great for labels and I've been cursing out my inkjet and those absurdly expensive cartridges.

Now I've got a few hundred pages of inkjet labels to sell off... as soon as I get the thing up and running.

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Oh Carole, You are gonna love it!

I got that same one about 6 months ago. My inkjet finally went kaput, but I had been really frustrated with it for some time before that.

You are going to be amazed at the difference in quality. I had never owned a laser printer, just a dot-matrix :embarasse, hate to say I ever owned one of those, with my first computer I ever owned, and then inkjets from then on out. But the laser prints such clear graphics and letters.

Just don't forget to change your paper settings when you print, like if you are printing regular labels change it to labels, if you are printing clear labels change it to transparancy, etc, etc. I've done that a few times and boy does it look messy.LOL

Congrats, let us know how you like it when it gets here.

Have a wonderful day


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gee, if I had only known you were looking for one, I would have made you a great deal on the C3400 that we bought last year LOL.

I insisted on having one for doing favor tags and then I decided favor tags simply annoyed me too much and took too much time to cut and assemble so I no longer offer them. So this rather expensive printer just sits ..... :undecided

seriously though, I was amazed at truly how much better the laser was over the ink jets we've always used. I didn't believe it would be "that much" different, but I was so wrong ~ it prints beautifully, you'll love it!!

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The cost per page is MUCH lower with a laser printer. The cartridges are expensive but they last and last and last whereas my kids can blow through my inkjet cartridges in no time.

And you can apparently get good quality discount cartridges...

ETA: but if you don't do much printing the inkjet might be just fine.

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Lasers are better on the ink and more durable than inkjets. I stuck with an inkjet (we just bought another one) because I needed the combo, copy, fax, scan, does photos. I am not doing much business this year so I won't have all the labels to print (hallelujah!!!).

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You'll be kicking yourself that you didn't buy one sooner. I have a Minolta, and the ink for it runs about 80.00 per color, but in the long run it's much cheaper and less time consuming than messing around with the ink in a inkjet.

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