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I have been wanting a website for sometime now and everyone I tried by myself was to complicated and some of the others were so expensive that I couldn't afford it. I saw an ad in Country Sampler for Kinfolk Crafts, so I checked it out and they were very reasonable. I have it published and am still working out some of the kinks. I am also still loading products. I wanted to share this with you all here and I know you are good at constructive criticism. I want this to succeed, so I appreciate any suggestions, tips or hints.


Thanks for this wonderful board....Amy

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On your Jar Candles, I could hardly see the pictures. I think it would help to have a larger picture in there or at least be able to click it to see a bigger picture. All of the other pictures were large enough to see what you are buying.

Other than that, everything looked great. :D

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not sure if you know it or not but when you click on certain fragrance names(not all of them) it takes you to atwixend. com I'm not sure if that's where you get any of your oils, but I sure wouldn't want my customers to find that bit of info...

It's a good start!!


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OMG!!! I sure didn't realize that. I copied and pasted those. See that is what this board is for. I have fixed it. Thanks so much.

As far as the candle pics, I have had a time with those. I either get them to big or to small. The lady at kinfolk crafts told me to reduce them they were to large and taking to long to load. So I still have to work on that.

Here is the correct link, lol.


Keep the comments and suggestions coming. I still have lots of work to do. I just am happy to tell customers YES! when they ask if I have a site.

Thanks again......:D

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Guest LightofDawn

Some of your scent descriptions are still linking to atwixend. They are the ones with a blue line under the name. Your site looks very nice.



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Okay, don't think me too nit-picky, but you asked for it! ;)

On your homepage, all the bold text on there is a sore on the eyes. I would think about leaving that as simple as possible. If you like the bolding, maybe you could add more space between the lines (vertically) to give some more white space.

As for your pictures, I'm curious to know if you're going to use similar sizing for all of them to give a continuous feel to the whole site. All of the uneven and empty brown spacing around the images just looks awkward to me. Again, forgive me for being too nit-picky, but aesthetics play a role in how long I stay on a site...especially if I've never shopped with you before.

Also maybe thinking of adding a 'zoom' option to your images so you can keep the load time fast as you have now, but still give people the option to see more detail in your product should they choose to do so is a nice touch that a lot of sites are starting to utilize.

On your fragrance description page, a couple of the titles do not conform with the rest of them (baby powder and winter candy apple).

Now this last item is totally dependent on the preference of the site owner, but if you're like me and have a HUGE dislike for spam, I'd find an alternative to putting your email in the way you have on your contact us page. This is free grabs for bots to harvest your email and before you know it, you're wading through tons of spam and risk losing the important emails. ;) Just a word of advice really. If you want suggestions, I'd just direct them to your feedback page with a link(which I assume uses some kind of back end program to again, keep your email safe from spambots).

Hope this was helpful and if you ever need any advice, etc. feel free to convo me. :)

Otherwise, this is a really nice start for your online business!

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I do not mind any comments at all.

I was overwhelmed the first time I read it. I reread and wrote down and it made more sense. I can correct a couple of probs myself. Although 2 I will have to contact the site designer. I did not pay a huge price, or so I think, for this site, so I am not sure if I get a lot of perks. For the email, I have no clue about a link or any other way to do it. Although, I never thought of the spam. I am not sure on the pics either, that would be a great option though. I thought I should have more than 1 page for categories, but as I add items they just keep building up on the same page. This is not totally the design I was looking for, but it is a start and a place I can refer people to when they ask the question at shows. I hate having to say no, sorry I don't have a site. So many people are online now that I feel I have to offer that.



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I would change your page names if I were you. Specially with that many pges. notice your jar candles page is http://www.tinbarncandleco.com/3.html I would make it /hand-poured-jar-candles.html or something of the sort. It will work better with the search engines. I would also do some reading on what the search engines see. Because your whole top page is all calling scripts which in m y opinion the designer could have combined alot of for the SEO value alone. Usually search bots give relevance to t he first 255 characters or so give or take depending on the bot. Look at your sites source and you will see what I mean.

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