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4oz candle ?

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I'm going to take a guess and don't go by what I say please. Just want to see if I'm close. I'm trying to learn. Never made a candle yet but trying to learn before doing.

Would it be 1.75 grams per 1 ounce of wax, if using 1 ounce fo per 1 pound of wax? Just curious if I'm getting this, and I'm going to have to do this too soon so I want to take a stab at it. Hope you don't mind my guess in here moniek. LOL :)

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Here is how I do mine

1. I weigh out my jar (empty jar)

2. I weigh the jar filled full (however full u would fill it with wax) with water

3. Plug those figures in to this website:


4. That gives you the amount of wax you need.

5. Take this figure and multiply by whatever percentage you want. For example if you want a 6 percent fo per candle and your candle requires 240 grams of wax you'd take 240 times .06= 14.4 grams of oil

6. Thus you would need 14.4 grams of oil.

This may not work for everyone and everyone may not feel comfortable using it but I have used this formula from day one. The candle source referred me to this formula.

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