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CP soapmakers: can bacteria grow on cp soaps?


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Most definately- if you use food in your soap (cranberries, dried tomatoes, yogurt, milk, pumpkin, cucumber, avocado, etc.)

Leaving it in a damp shower in its own puddle isn't good either- soapsavers are great to remedy that.

The oils in soap can be/go bad too- hence orange spots.

Can't bacteria grow anywhere or on commercial soap as well. :confused:

Sounds like a plastic bubble is needed JK :)

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I probably shouldn't of answered this as I'm NO soap expert, but .......

Why do people shutter from DOS and some throw the soap away. I thought it was spoiled oil? :confused:

What about foods that can spoil in soap and are throughout the soap- when your washing with it doesn't it touch your body if its throughout?

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This may be comforting to them...(an excerpt from a science Q&A site)

In the 1988 study, prewashed and softened commercial deodorant soap bars were inoculated with E. coli and P. aeruginosa bacteria at levels 70 times as high as those reported on used soap bars. Then, 16 people were told to wash their hands as usual with the inoculated bars.

“After washing, none of the 16 panelists had detectable levels of either test bacterium on their hands,” the researchers wrote. “These findings, along with other published reports, show that little hazard exists in routine handwashing with previously used soap bars and support the frequent use of soap and water for handwashing.”

Now you just have to ask if all bar soaps are considered 'deodorant' or not and what makes them so. I'm guessing that MAY mean antibacterial. Maybe not. Not sure why they wouldn't just say that, yanno?

There was also a Dateline type segment about this same thing. I couldn't find it after a quick search, but it said something like : Soap bars do have germs on them, but they do not transfer because the inherant nature of soap is to soften and dislodge to allow them to rinse away. So if it normally takes them off, it can't really ADD them. Unless of course you just go into public restrooms and pocket the soap bars and carry them around for later use, lol. In which case, shame on you, lol.

p.s. I would maybe help this person find a really great soap dish that holds the soap up out of the wetness of a used bar.

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