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Votive wicks for palm

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I just ordered this HUGE supply of wicks and found that they bend REAL easy when I insert them into my palm wax (heated to almost 200 degrees). The description for the wax that I got (astorlite F) was to heat to 140-160, but after reading everyone heats much higher, I've gone higher. My problem is I got my wicks based on the lower heating. What wicks do you votive users use for palm? I have tried zinc and like them because they stay straight but I want to use cotton wicks if possible.

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CD is the type of wick. There is CD's, CDN's, LX's, HTP's, Cotton, Zinc, Premier, Flat, braided, RRD I am sure I am missing quite a few lol. There is an abbreviations thread somewhere that list what suppliers are and I think some candle lingo so hopefully someone will find that.

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I like CDNs (Stabilo KST) for palm wax. I use wickpins for votives, so I don't wick until the candle is cool. I use the wickpins not only in the plain votive cups, but also in molds like the little cubes and octagons and dixie cups, etc.

When wicking containers, many wicks bend because of the temperature of the wax, which is why you need to use popsicle sticks, clothespins, bow tie wick holders or something to span the top and hold your wick on-center and taut while the candle is cooling.

I hope buying a "huge supply of wicks" BEFORE testing them wasn't a booboo... HTH:)

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