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CS Glas glow vs IGI R2322...do we know for sure?

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I emailed Nature's Garden regarding their palm wax, had asked them what brand they sell. They refused to tell me. So I am not sure if ana used the IGI R2322.

That being said, when CS came onto the board to respond to my question, they did make it a point to say that their manufacturer was contracted only to sell to CS and IGI.

I don't know if either CS or IGI sell to NG though... and since NG won't say, who knows what brand it is?

But if it made such an ugly candle, I doubt that NG's palm wax is the same.

I have heard, however, that IGI R2322 is the same as glass glow.

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Both CandleScience and IGI are allowed to import and sell the "Glass Glow" blend. Neither one makes it - they purchase it from a manufacturer in Indonesia. Read the thread where they posted! http://www.candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60315&page=2

Only two companies in North America are contractually able to purchase palm wax directly from the supplier – Candlescience and IGI.

I wonder what they meant by that statement - I find it difficult to believe that only TWO places in NORTH AMERICA are allowed to import palm wax... perhaps they meant from that specific supplier...:confused:

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