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Spare Parafin How much fragrance?


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I have an unscented candle, that I bought I want to melt it down and scent it!!!, I was reading the parafinn fragrance loads on candle science...

I'm not sure what kind of wax this is but I know it is straight-parafinn for sure. How much frangrance should I add to 1 12oz Jelly jar?

From the camparisions I made of different parafinns on candle science I read the fragrance loads of all their parafinns...

I ended up with about 1oz per. pound

Does this sound right?

The 12oz jelly jar that I'm working with is 3" in diamiter and 4" tall of wax

any wick suggestions?

I'm Planning on buying from Candle Science or Peaks.

I greatly appricate any advice....

I was planning on putting the wax in a jelly jar on a candle warmer and stirring in the fragrance and putting in the wick than turning off the warmer for cooling... would this work??? Kind of like a pesto-pot...lol... but with the jar instead...

I'm waiting for a response from you experts before I atempt anything...lol

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Well FO load can very but if it is straight paraffin with no additive you are going to max out at about 4%.

You are dealing with really a lot of unknowns so we are not going to be much help.

Did this wax start out as a pillar or container? If pillar the melt point will be to high for a container most likely.

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