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  1. it does taper very Slightly; but not even enough to be a concern.
  2. 1.) Who Would Recommend Double Wicking this Jar? 2.) If so What Wick? 3.) I am Using IGI 4627
  3. I'm Considering Making Citronella Candles in Tin's. My Question is: Since Outside is where people are MOST Likely to Burn them; Should I Do My Test Burns Outside; on Calm Nights; So... That I can Wick According to a Calm Wind? It makes good sense to me anyway to test citronella wick sizing in the conditions that I expect people to burn them. Does anyone else Agree here?
  4. How long to Cure; Before First Test Burn? 3-Days; a Week? Please help.
  5. I am considering becoming a budget candle maker; By *NOT using any dies to keep cost down; ALL My candles will be Simply: 1.) White Wax of my Choice 2.) Fragrance Oil 3.) Wicks (and) Tabs (and) That's IT!!! Less Cost for me; equals more profit for me; and cheaper more affordable candles for the customer! Do any of you fellow candle maker's have any Thoughts on this concept?
  6. I Might as well take my turn: Name: Frank Age: 31 Location: Brooklyn, NY Years making candles: 10 Am I Married: No; I'm too young for that. (i.e. I live in Brooklyn; I'm too young to settle down) Occupation: Hospital Janitor By Day; Chandler By Night.
  7. I wanted to add some insight as a consumer and avid candle burner.... I buy and burn them all Parrafin wax, soy wax, palm wax, beeswax, etc. What I have learned though the years is that they all have their own pros and cons.
  8. I'm new to the forums... and I've leaned that throw is the way the scent comes off the candles... what is Mottling? Can somebody make me a list of terms so I can read the forums a little better... lol..... it would be helpful.... something like Throw is ________________ Mottling is ______________
  9. Thanks a bunch... Are there Men on this fourm as well?
  10. I wanted to say HI to everyone sence I am new to the forum... I had an Ideal... When I buy Votives could I cut them into 3rd's and de-wick them and melt them a 1/3rd at a time in my Melter? To get more for my money Plus there would be no flame to burn off the scent... I know buying Tarts from yankee at $1.79 a piece is burning my wallet.
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