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Great scents for sugar scrubs?


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I think I've finally perfected my sugar scrub and was wondering what everyone's favorite scents are for scrubs. I only want to offer about 6 and so far am doing a citrus blend, a honey/almond and a lavender/vanilla blend.

How about chocolate? Open to suggestions!

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So it sounds like you already have:

A citrus- Citrus blend

A foody type- honey/almond

An aromatherapy type- Lavender Vanilla

So maybe add:

A clean/fresh/water/spa type scent

Everyone loves pink sugar!!

A floral type scent-

A tropical scent - Probably just seasonaly though

A fruity scent- I love pomegranate!

maybe another bakery or spicy type

I love chocolate scents but have found that some just dont like the idea of rubbing brown goo all over themselves!!

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I haven't did a chocolate scrub... I can't find any REAL chocolate scents I like... I do a citrus, honey/oatmeal/ blue sugar/pink sugar. For my foot scrub... I do only one scent.... Pina Colada.

They all sell really good for me... especially the pink sugar!

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