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Tonights GM Concoction


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For those of you who don't know I am obsessed with learning to make goats milk soap and I finally think I have got the hang of it! I've not made 100% Goats milk but it's 60% goats milk and 40% aloe vera juice for my liquid. Eventually I would like to make 100% Goats Milk soap but this is working so far. One step at a time.

This is tonights concoction:


I made some GM soap with freshly ground tahitian vanilla beans in the soap and fresh hawaiian Kauai beans on top, fragranced with Maple Brown Sugar FO.

Smells great and so far it's a nice light color, no cracking and no overheating so far!!! It's only been an hour.

Your comments are always welcome - good and bad!

Thanks for looking.


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It looks very nice, but it's going to be a bitch to cut even bars with all those beans on top...not to mention what will happen to them when the soap is used. Maybe if you just used less beans, maybe 2 or 3 to decorate the top of each bar when cut.

Are you using fresh goatsmilk? I have no problems at all using 100% fresh goatsmilk...just freeze it in your lye mixing container to a hard slush, then add your lye gradually. You'll love it!

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I think you did a good job! Very eye appealing! I'd do what one of the others said... next time, decorate each bar with maybe three beans... but the look you've achieved really caught my eye! Makes a nice looking texture!! Exciting!

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