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additives? shopping list

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Do you have to add additives to the candles? I've been seeing things on additives, but not sure what they would be for....

Here is what I want to start with:

A soy or soy blend wax -looking at ecosoya, ezsoy, or the golden blend. I am not going to add color to start, want to perfect the rest first and I do like the natural soy cream color.

I am thinking a smaller jar to start, perhaps an 8oz so I need wicks for that size. I need to pick up a pouring pan/pot ( I thought I would check Michael's and use my coupon for that)

I have FO here but they are from Wellington and it looks like I might be better off with another supplier for those... (would like to get a few more FO from whatever co. I get the wax from to cut down on shipping costs)

I need a candle thermometer as well.

What am I missing from my list?


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great list..I also use a stir stick(plastic spoon) and a mini throw away cup to measure the FO oil in(dixie cups)

I use soy and do not use additives...well I take that back I am in the process of trying the coconut oil76 that you can get at walley world

Best of luck to you and your candle journey

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Different people use different additives to achieve different results - keep it simple. If your supplier recommends an additive, try some and pour candles with and without it to see if YOU think it's needed...:wink2:

The 8 oz container is a nice size - we use an 8 oz widemouth canning jar. Different shapes and heights and diameters require different wicking, so keep that in mind.;)

You CAN buy pouring pots and they are nice, but a clean can will work well, too.

What's wrong with Wellington? We have used a lot of their fragrances and like them very much!

A candy thermometer from the grocery store is just fine - doesn't have to be anything special for candles.

How will you melt your wax? Many folks like Presto pots, but until we got those, we used a big can in a pan of water.

Hope you have fun! :grin2:

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If it is a blended wax then you don't need to add additives to it. Thats what a container blend is. E.g.; EcoSoya's CB 135 is pre-blended so you don't have to add additives.

Read further on the suppliers discription of the wax. The info should be there. If you are not sure give them a call and ask if it is already blended.

Check out some candle suppliers before you go to a craft store. You may save yourself a big pile of money! Most suppliers have candle making kits with everything you need included. Craft stores are way too expensive!

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Thanks! I like the wellington fragrances in my b/b products, but from what I was reading it seemed like they don't give off a good throw. I am glad that you like them as I already have like 12 larger bottles!

I figured for melting I would start with a larger pot and put the pouring pot in (double broiler like). The presto conversion looks great - I may need to get on my husband about making one for me :laugh2:

I really like the mason jars, so I'll probably start there. Unless I get a kit and I'll use the ones that come with it.

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