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Anyone Seen These?

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Hello, I am trying to locate a few things here, and hoping someone knows where to get these. First off these Box Type Trays are very cool, just can't find them anywhere. Also, does anyone know where to get the straight sided tumblers with metal lids? Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks ~




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I can help with the tumblers and lids. You can get these from Anchor Hocking, or Marck & Associates. They have both the tumbler and the lids. Be prepared! The lid cost is pricey! You can also get the tumblers; pretty standard, from Libbey, The Jar Store, etc. The tumblers are the 7 oz./7.5 oz. size. You can also price lids from Techno Cap; formerly Penn Wheeling, but be prepared for a large minimum. Hope this helps!

As for the box type trays, I am thinking they might be custom made. I have not seen these anywhere.

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I can tell you right now that the picture in the middle is not 7 3/4 votive. It is much smaller then that. Just need to look at the picture.

By the way, if you read the post, Beck180 did not specify a jar size just a style with metal lid. Again, check out Marck & Associates, Anchor Hocking, and even Libbey. They have the smaller jar sizes too. HTH

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