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Calling all Palm wax users

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Hi folks I was approached by Judy, USMC about starting a sticky for FO that work with palm wax specifically the CS palms. So if any of you have had success with FO that work in any palm wax please post them here along with a link to the supplier. We will see if we can get this ball rolling.

If you do not feel comfortable posting you can always PM or e-mail me.

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Vicky - Thanks ever so much for acting on my suggestion. This is what I've been able to gleen from other posts I've seen. I believe these were tested and worked well in the CS CONTAINER palm wax.

Candle Cocoon (CC) www.candlecocoon.com

Cucumber Chaos

Pumpkin Cornbread

Candle Science (CS) www.candlescience.com

Cranberry Marmalade

Wildberry Mousse

Indiana Candle Supply (ICS) www.candlesupplys.us

Green Apples (Snowtop formula)

Honeydew Melon

Mill Creek (MC) www.mcsoywax.com

Blueberry Muffin

Cozy Home

Tangerine Lavender

Nature's Garden (NG) www.naturesgardencandles.com

Apple Orchard

Blueberry Muffin

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Raspberry Zinger

There were others listed but I can't find the links! Again, thanks ever so much for all your work on this forum!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you guys finding that as a general rule, if it's said to work in soy that it will work in palm? Has anyone tried a scent that was reported to NOT work well in soy? I'm curious if palm and soy might have the same works/doesn't work fo's?

I think I might order a sampler from JS (because of the sale) just to see if any of her scents work in palm.:confused:

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Thank you all that have offered up your list keep them coming and I will get them updates.

I am treating the palm just like I do the soy list so even if you don't use CS palm you can send your list. Our list here is just to help you have a better than average chance of getting a good throw not a guarantee.

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We have had some scents that worked okay in soy wax not do as well in palm wax and vice versa. For us, if it doesn't throw really, really well in BOTH, we don't carry it. No use in making it harder than it already is... as if I could remember all that...:wink2:

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Here are the ones I sent to Vicky... these all work as well in NatureWax C-3 as they do in the palm wax we buy from Cajun & JBN. I included only the ones that we have found are outstanding. The "pretty goods and fair-to-middlin's didn't make the list...


Ginger Bergamot

Gypsy Rose

Oak Moss & Clary Sage


Nag Champa


Strawberry Shortcake

Tahitian Black Ginger


Tuscan Nights

White Tea & Ginger (type)



Wild Mountain Honey


strawberries & champagne (type)


white tea & ginger (type)

warm vanilla sugar (type)

apple cinnamon


lavender vanilla

Lovespell (type)

(I forgot this one, Vicky):embarasse


strawberry rose

strawberry musk

cucumber melon

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I got my palm pillar wax in yesterday. I haven't been feeling well because of new meds the doc put me on and basically been on the couch out of it BUT

Tomorrow or Monday I will be making a few. I am going to try some of my FO's from Just Scent to see how they do in palm.

I will keep you posted on what scents I use :yay:

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Thank you for this list!!!!!!!!!!! It is a God-send!!!!!!!! My fragrance list will be different for sure! But if these do well in Palm wax then that is what I need to get!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of testing fragrances!!!!!!!! :grin2:

I got my wicks down but I got over 200 fragrances I carry in my shoppe and I am so tired of testing them ..............one by one!!!!!!!!!!

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There is one mistake above. The Pumpkin Cornbread from CC should be Pumpkin Coffee! Going to check my other post now! LOL!...

Yep, I accidentally put Cornbread instead of Coffee!

Jakalex .........that Pumpkin Cornbread sounds delicious!!!!!!!:drool:

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I just started testing on the CS frosted palm wax and really like it. So far all the fragrances that we have tried have worked very well and those are:

1. Black Cherry from CS....www.candlescience.com

2. Fresh Linen from NG..... www.naturesgardencandles.com

3. Blueberry Patch from BC.... www.bittercreekcandle.com

4. Sweet Pea from NG.... www.naturesgardencandles.com

5. China Rain from NG....www.naturesgardencandles.com


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