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Height of the Flame-What's good?

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Is the height of the flame on your candle just personal preference or is there some type of standard out there that says "an ideal test burn flame is ___ inches high"?

I have wondered about this too, so I came up with my own idea of a height that makes me feel safe. I actually got a ruler out and measured the flames I liked. I found that as long as the flame was no larger than 1" - 1.25" I felt my candles weren't a fire hazard. Of course I am looking for all the other stuff too, melt pool, throw.....

This is just my personal guideline, but I try to stick with it. If the flame gets any higher than 1.25", especially in my pillars, I feel they really pose a threat to catching stuff on fire. HTH

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Thanks all - I actually got my tape out today and measured. It was almost at an inch. I have had to keep wicking up in the ecosoya pure container wax and am up to ECO 14 for an 8 oz 2.5 diameter. That has been the best one to give me a full burn pool consistently and consistent flame. No where near the wicking chart recommendation. Appreciate the feedback.

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