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anyone got an 8oz tin, they could quickly....

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measure for me?

I've received some 8oz tins today and they are virtually the same size as the couple of 4oz I have left.

Should there be double the difference? or is it one of those daft weights and volume of wax things ;)

the 8oz are very noticebly different to the 4oz.

post a photo of them side by side. where did you get them?

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I haven't recharged my batteries for camera :(

The 4oz I have thats the brushed steel type is 7cm across by 4cm high, the 8oz? I have (brushed steel) is 8cm by 5cm high.

Doesn't seem much difference to be holding twice as much wax?

They were from Jo. She's rushed off her feet, just wondered if she'd sent the wrong ones, or maybe she did 6oz and that was those

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