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Handmade shoes


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Yep, MAJOR creativity weekend again! Got the idea in my head on Saturday morning, spent all day researching and thinking about the design, went to Michaels that night, and made these on Sunday. Now, these are sized to fit my daughter perfectly, and they do. She can actually walk in them. BUT, Im not going to have her wear them because I doubt they would be good for her feet. I only did her size first so I would have a smaller project to start with. Now, Im getting my design ready to start the pair for me:D . These took about 8 hours total; handsewed the cork soles together, handbraided the straps, and sewed them on, and attached the ribbon accents. A little tip, glue does NOT work on cork well; it just kind of seeps into the cork w/o adhering. So, I had the sew everything, which is probably better in the first place. You cant see it in these pics, but I also painted the bottom of the soles with copper paint to help seal the cork, and make them a little nicer looking. And, today Im going to go get a Dr. Scholls insole, cut it to size, and fit it under the straps for comfort.

Also, I want to thank everyone here that has been so supportive in my crazy projects lately. I really appreciate everybody compliments and constructive criticism.



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Thank you Texas Brat for the link to the tutorial. They used glue to hold the soles together; after trying it that way and sewing it, I think I would only trust sewing it.

The shoes havent fallen apart yet, but I think the strap on the right foot is just too big; trying to figure out a way to shorten it w/o re-doing ALOT of sewing.

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Here is a thought, I am thinking the top on the foot is to big right? What if you cut it and then stitched it back but made it a cute type of stitch or you could cut it and then punch a hole and then tie it with some ribbon? I wish there was an easy answer.

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