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Filigree/Ice candle, didn't quite work out

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how I'd intended lol.

I made this with a core pillar, added ice cubes (think they need to be smaller in future) and then poured in wax at 185degrees.

When I took it out of the mould, at the bottom of the mould (top of candle), was a perfectly solid ring of ice!! heaven only knows how it didn't melt?

So, looks odd, having the pillar sticking out the top.

Test burning now, to see what happens to it.

Scented in Parma Violet, yum


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I was hoping the lavender would glow through the turquoise as it burns.

Got about a cm left above the top of the lace at the moment, so time will tell.

Its a devil to move though :D

Yep, I agree about the size of ice cubes, used a standard size ice cube tray, actually I've just realised something.

I only had one icecube tray, so put some in, and put those within the mould back in the fridge and wait hours for the next lot.

1) I wonder if thats why there was a frozen ring, that had been in there hours by that time

2) as per my other thread, I wonder if thats what caused the mottling/snowflake on my pillar?

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Very creative. I bet it'll look great as it burns. I'm not sure if you have them over in the UK but if you buy a bag of ice from the service station you'll have more than enough plus lots of great shapes (smash them with a hammer). Just stick the bag back in the freezer for future use.

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test burning so far, the centre pillar is just below the level of the filligree, but does look like it will give a nice glow.

When it gets quite a bit lower, I'll take a piccie and let you know.

I tried one first without a centre pillar and there was just nothing to hold the candle together, it basically disintegrated.

If it was tiny tiny ice chips, that may be different.

I may take a look in the supermarket for ready made ice, but theres not much call for ice in this country AS ITS SOOOOOOOOO FLAMING COLD AND RAINING ALL THE TIME!!! :mad:

not that I'm bitter rofl

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