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Backwoods oils in pure soywax (415)


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I am wanting to try some of BW's oils but I am wondering how they throw in a straight soywax. I keep seeing reviews in soy blends anyone used them in straight soy? What did you think? Thanks all!

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I haven't tried any yet, and if you don't get a response in your thread, I would recommend placing a small order to try them out. Out of the bottle they smell great compared to other company's FO and I imagine they will do amazing in straight soy.

To me the BW oils seem to be a little more concentrated than some of the others I get from well known suppliers, so you may need to adjust the %. But like I said, I haven't tried yet just examined the oils OOB. :)

I was very impressed with BW and I can't wait until they get an humongo FO list! Hope someone else can be of more help to you though!

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I have tried these in my 100% soy wax so far:

Pumpkin CornBread

Tropical Fusion

Blackberry Patch

Pink Pepperberry (very very strong)

Vanilla Pear

They all throw very well for me.

I just put an order in for 11 samples so I wont know those results till later.

Mindy :)

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