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Bath Bomb ??


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I made some bath bomb mixture, made 2 pounds, divided it up and make 3 different scents 2 with color and one without color.

The all came out fine, I used the FD&C colors, just one drop and one tsp of FO.

Anyway, one of them a week later, now has brown specks. I packaged these into glass jars. Why am I getting brown specs in one of them, anyone know why?

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Not sure where you got your fo's from but I was checking WSP's fragrances and all their coconut fragrances have 1% vanilla with one of them having 3% vanilla and their cucumber melon has 1% vanilla. So I am willing to bet your spots are indeed from vanilla :)


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I have coconut oil and it is an amber or honey color, I wonder if that might be the culprit.

Do you mean your coconut oil? Or a coconut FO? Regular CO should be clear when it's melted and white when solid. Never used a coconut FO so can't say there!

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