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Having trouble with hurricane embeds

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orange slices.

I'm trying to do a hurricane shell with orange slices embedded.

They are two side by side with one above. So 4 each side.

The ones at the bottom, won't hold forward against the mould, so I've put half orange slices (not got enough left) behind the bottom ones to try and wedge them forward.

When I drop the top row onto the bottom row, they fall behind it.

Been at it for @90mins now!

I'm wondering if I can pour a bit of wax into the bottom and drop the oranges in as its setting.

Or........... I have some micro soft which I think I read I can melt down and use as glue, can I dab a bit on the slice and glue it to the side of the mould?

any ideas? other than don't do orange slices :laugh2:

thanks xx

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I'm trying some micro soft as glue. Boy does that stuff set quick.

Just hope that where I've got a blob or two on the mould, it is dissolved when I pour the wax in later.

Still a bit tricky and its going all over my fingers too lol

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hiya vicky, yep its my new super duper REAL hurricane mould.

I've only just about got enough to do the slices 2 x 2 high, do not enough to pad it out and make them stick flush against the mould wall.

I'm using the microsoft as glue, got to the last one (they seemed to be sticking) and the darn lot fell down.

So now I'm lying it on its side and gluing 4 (one side) at a time, just done 3rd side and one dropped off.

God this is gruelling. Got to think of something to put in hurricane, that I can get a lot of and pad it out.

Anyone know how to dry your own orange slices, without them going black and mouldy?

Saw one today made with banana slices too

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I dry my orange slices in a food dehydrator. I also figured out how to dry some of my pressed flowers in one. I know you are in the UK but I used to buy orange slices very cheap from San Francisco Herb Company. They also have store on the east coast too.....I forgot what state....maybe Maine????? Not sure. Anyway....if I want my embeds to stay in place I just use little squares of wax...chunks....and put them behind the object, sandwiched between the mold, item and metal insert. It will hold them in place without driving you crazy. Hope this helps. Donita

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