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Gel Tones grrrrrrrrrrr


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Does this only happen to me?

Everytime I use green gel tones they morph! In cphp they work beautifully! However in cp they totally change color. And of course they taunt me first by showing me a lovely shade of green then it turns. One batch turned purple in the bowl, brown in the mold than finally decided on orange.

Made a batch yesterday and it turned a lovely shade of green. I was patting myself on the back and it started turning burgundy! By the time I poured it in the mold it was crap brown with a red tint and has pretty much stayed that way. Wayy too ugly.

Can it be the scents? Just baffles me beacuse it only happens with the green one. Damn the green!

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I have used the gold (its ok) blue (great) lavendar (great although very light) and the green one which that one doestn work for me. Sucks because i jsut ordered the neon gel tones the other day. I hope they are brighter and stay true to color.

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I have used the Geltones from BCN exclusively, and havent had any problems.....(yet...knock on wood....hang glittery things in the windows and doors to keep the soap fairies away and busy....throw salt over my shoulder....etc...) I used Green in my cucumber mint soap, looks more bluish green, but beautiful none the less. Not sure why you are having the reactions you are.

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