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Texas Candle Supply Review


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I ordered several samples from Texas Candle Supply and am impressed so far.

Here is what I ordered:

Texas Cedar wood~Very nice cedar scent. Poured but have not burned.

Spiced Mesquite Chili~Very unusual scent..smells just like chili! Poured but have not burned.

Dusty Mexican Morning


Pecan Praline

Tomato Cucumber Garden~ Awesome! A very nice Tomato leaf scent and the cucumber smooths the scent so it is very clean and crisp. Awesome throw in CB135 @ 7.5%~8 oz tin.

I have been searching for an awesome tomato leaf type scent that would throw in soy and now my search is over!

Cider By The Fire~Very nice Cinnamon type scent.Poured but have not burned.

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I live in Austin, and I love the smell of Texas cedar wood. It's the pollen that causes allergies, not the wood.

Jakalex, thank you for the reviews. I'm going to be in Houston in a couple of days, and I hope to stop by Texas Candle Supply. Do you have any follow-ups on the other fragrances since you posted the initial review?

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Hi ya'll! LOL

I am a BIG fan of Texas Candle Supply. I purchase all of my wax from Jim and some of my oils. I drive to his place (190 miles round trip)! yikes!

I have just poured a fundraiser using his Baked Apple ~ OMG! You want a strong one, that is the one!

His Creme Brulee is to die for, Vanilla Extract - blow your socks off! His Leather is so true and is one of my biggest sellers!

Texas Bluebonnet is very strong. I sell to a Hyatt resort and they purchase this one in large #'s.

I'm sure there a few more, but I'm going blank right now....:laugh2:

Hope this helps!

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I have the chili, but havent pured it yet, I agree, smells just like chili. The leather is awesome!!! Everyone raves about it in my candles but doesn't seem to sell well. I have one in soy sitting at the end of the counter for about 6 mos, and you can smell it everytme you walk by.

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I had to revive this thread. I met Jim yesterday and not only was he just a joy to meet and visit with, he is a heck of a business man. He knows his stuff and it seems like he knows how to treat customers.

He was nice enough to let me walk in and place my order right there. I was expecting to just go sniff then have to place an order later, but he graciously filled it for me on the spot. I got the Chili (so dead on...I am crossing my fingers that it will throw in soy!), Texas Cedar (my husband drooled over it OOB which is kind of uncommon for him), Chipotle Cracked Pecans and then one that I totally did NOT expect to walk out with, Apple Honey. It was AMAZING OOB. Again, cannot wait to get them all in wax.

Bottom line, given the treatment I received yesterday, if the products are good, then katy bar the door. :yay:

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