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Fruit Melts


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I know the strawberry picture is not good..I will take another picture of once the sun is up...I was excited to get pictures and thats not a very good one.

I got the idea for the Gracie's lemonberry last night about 10:20pm...but thought it was to late to get started...well then I couldnt sleep because I was thinking of ideas...so I was awake at 4:20am....and finally got up at 5am and started pouring!

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K- you are holding out on us.....

I am in the Childrens swap with you and you only have two daughters listed, lol... tsk tsk tsk!

J/k -- I'm guessing Sarah is oldest?? Or is it the opposite, too young? Lol.

p.s. BTW....I think that is so ingenius to do that with the bitty fruit embeds!!!

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LoL..Thanks everyone!

I actually have 5 kids....4 girls and a son. But my 2 oldest are 17 and almost 16 so I didnt include them in the swap.

I asked each of the kids to pick their fav scent and I would name it after them...But Gracie's Lemonberry...she is my youngest and ever since she was big enough to open a candle jar she would open every jar and and say...MMMMM thats Lemonberry..so I had to "find" a Lemonberry and name it after her.


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Lol... (not to highjack the thread, but...)

First of all... that poor boy!;)

Secondly... 'MMMM that's lemonberry' is toooo cute!!!:D

I'm the second oldest in a family of 5 kids myself.... which is why I only have one on purpose, lol. :shocked2: Did my share of raising my bro's and sis's... I'm done, lol.

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