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Strawberry/choc Rustic


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this is the 2nd rustic I've done, only this time I used stearic.

Its strawberry, milk chocolate and frosted cupcake. I think the colours go quite well.

Its not perfect, a lot of frosting came off the top part (poured at 140) and theres a little blending a couple of times between layers, but I'm extremely happy :yay:

It smells lovely too

I poured at 140, then 150, 160 and last after being told my mistake (thanks anjie xx) poured last at 140 again.

What you reckon?


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I find w layers i pour all mine at the same temp, only do the final repour hotter. If the wax is a still a bit soft in the mould, the next layer should stick to it fine anyway!

Wish i could post some pics of my rustics, i made some nice oceany ones (after inspiration from here). Oh well

That silly post attachment link is not there!!!!

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I fancy some blues and emerald green next' date=' but not sure if I can get the right green from what I've got. I have moss green and chartruse (sp)

I don't have any sea type FO's though lol, mine are all edible smells[/quote']

So what? I just finished pouring a blue candle scented with Peach Fizz. I've made way too many orange candles lately, and I wanted to try my blue dye... lol! :P

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