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? on Daystar Creme de Le Creme


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Can someone tell me if this is pretty much the same as Creme Brulee? I have been using JBN Creme Brulee which I really love. I received a tart from someone of the Daystar's and thought that smelled alot alike (possibly better?) So now I am confused, I can't decide which I like better, of course I haven't burned the Daystar one. I am running low, and need to order some more soon.

Any thoughts on if these are very close. Or if you prefer one over the other?

TIA for your help!!

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Oh God no ... this isn't Creme Brulee or even close IMO.
Now you got me thinking I should go and smell my sample again.....I sniffed it once and thought it was like Creme Brulee, nothing special and put it back on the shelf.......maybe it changes in wax?
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