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Opinions on lotion bases

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I have tried several bases and curently use SFIC, but how does it compare to BCN and Essentails by Catalina? I am looking to change since I dont want to but 5 tibs at a time from SFIC. Even though they are really close to me. I have heard really good thing about BCN but dont know to much about Essentials. I am at the point that I need to order soon before more orders come in.

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All of these have a couple of great bases (and are not VERY expensive like a few other great bases out there from other suppliers, that I just can't afford!):



www.soapandthings.com (jody's)

www.candlesupply.com (bitter creek)

(other people have suggested KY & Millcreek as well, but I haven't used them or sampled them from other etailers. But they get good reviews too)

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Which bases do you use from SFIC? I got their sampler pack and can't stand any of their lotions. The Cocoa butter one was tolerable.

From KY, I've tried the soy whip and the glaze. I bought a gallon of the glaze from Candlemaker's Store. Same stuff, different name. I have a few other bases from Candlemaker's now too.

I've tried the sampler pack from Jody's and love lots of stuff in there, some things are also the same as WSP. I'm loving the Goat Milk & Honey and the Goat Milk & Shea. I'm having all sorts of loving feelings for goat milk anything lately though!

From Essentials by Catalina I've tried the basic lotion and it was very nice. A bit thin for me..but nice.

From Soaper's Workshop I have samples of all her bases and LOVE them.

All of these are a million times better than SFIC's bases, in my very humble opinion. Your customers will thank you.


:::prolly upset some folks...so I'll be back in my corner now::::

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I am glad this thread was posted!!! I am looking for a good lotion base and was gonna try SFIC's. But with this feedback and the fact that you have to buy so much at a time, I think I'll pass. I was also considering some of WSP's and Soaper's Workshop. I look forward to trying those.

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Soaper's Workshop is unique in that she also offers a custom base in which you pick from a list of butters/oils you'd like. This is great if you don't want to make your own, but would like a hand in the creativity part of it.

Rec'd mine today and it's wonderful! Not greasy at all, and feels very smooth on the skin--I love it, and plan to go back for more:)

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