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My new website!


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So I FINALLY have a website.

I made it myself with sweat and migranes.


I decided to just do invoive ordering as a shopping cart is too above my abilities. I also only have one kind of candle, one size one price.

And I'm a full time graduate student so this is how I make my extra (food and shopping) money, by selling candles to my mates.

I hope I get one or two orders. I'm not expecting much.

Anyway have a peek and let me know what you think :)

Thanks all:D


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thanks thanks!

Yes they are all my pictures. I took them all of my candles. Was not easy.

So thanks!

I need to put in another page with scent descriptions, but not for a week or so. This was hard enough.

thanks again.


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Ilona...I love it! Very nice style. It's like reading a note from a friend. You managed to put a ton of info, but it was not boring. Best of luck with it!

thanks for that! A nice compliment.

I guess my MA in creative writing is good for something. LOL

Instructions are dry though. I may reword them one day when I'm at a lack of something to do.

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The sites looks Awesome!! You did a Great job! Good luck with it!

A little advice if you are wanting to get picked up by the search engines. I noticed you are using images for your text on your website (welcome, product description, etc.). Search engines use the text (content) on a website when they index it so it's highly recommended that you have good wording with keywords. Using images like you are doing doesn't help with that. Also I noticed you don't have any meta tags (title, description and keywords). You will want to add these as well to help with the search engine rankings. This is of course if you are looking to get your site indexed. If it's just for local people that you know then I guess you wouldn't really need that! :)

Anyhow, hope this helps! I wish you all the best!!

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thanks for the meta tags info.

I know I have to go and put them in. I also know about the text on the site, but I'm not too worried about that as it is not a large scale thing, just a place for people I know to get candle info.

U should put more pix in the slideshow. That's a good idea.

I think that will be one of the next things I'll work on.

As you can see the whole thing is casual and informal, which is how I want it to come off as it really is only a hobby.

Thanks for all the kind words, I appreciate all of you taking the time to have a look at it.



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