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Selling Candles


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it is my hobby. I barely make a profit (actually I don't think I've made a profit yet!). I cover costs and give candles as gifts to everyone I know.

It's a great way to make the postman, school teachers, the girls at the gym...etc all smile, especially when they are having a grumpy day. Nothing like a great smelling candle to cheer someone up.



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Thanks for all that responded. I am new to this and was just wondering if i started to make candles and sold them if i would even get close to making a profit.

Profit? What profit. Every time I get a little ahead I find some thing new to make.

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I mainly have container candles but i do like the way pillar candles look and the different things you can do with them. Gel candles are also a nice touch if they have embeds.

About how long does it take to make the average candle?

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Well if container candles are what you burn most that is the ones you should start with.

If could take a while to perfect your candles.

Little advice work at one kind at a time till you get that kind perfect before you start looking and making another kinds or you will end up not only wasting a lot of money but you can also get over whelmed very easily.

I know you are looking at all these neat and pretty candle and are itching to try but learn to crawl before you learn to walk, and learn to walk before you learn to run.

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