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My New Soaps :)


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I got my new kelsie and I just LOVE it! Made a couple of batches and thought Id share. :)

The first is Green Clover & Aloe. It traced on me pretty quick, so my swirls didnt do what I wanted. I suppose it is still OK. My girls say they like it, they say it looks like it has vines on it, LOL!


This one is Apple Jack & Peel. I loved the way this one turned out! :) It's my first decent swirl. Yippie!


Thanks for looking. :)

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I love, love, love my Kelsie too. Your soaps looks fabulous. They both have that Oriental look to them. I like the first one best. To me it has a cleanlook to it. But the other one is cool too and has great colors.

Did you use the silk in these? Have you been able to try one of your bars with silk in it?

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback! The green Clover is growing on me now. It wasnt what I envisioned at first so it looked bad to me at first. Yall know how that goes, LOL! :)

I totally forgot to put the silk in these! It is definatly going in the next batch though. I cant wait to see what kind of differance it makes. I did add some sugar to my water this time though. Guess I will see what that does once this cures. Thanks again!

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WOW, I love the little mini swirls in the first one-I bet none of us could replicate that if we tried. ;)

I really like the swirls you got in the second one as well.


I want a kelsie mold dang it! Or just a slab mold of some kind! LOL

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