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Soap on a Rope


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I got some ropes and a 3-D alien head mold which my son would DIE FOR - and I want to make a soap on a rope.

Any suggestions before I ruin the ropes? Like how far in does the rope go? How do I keep it centered in the soap and not showing out the side? Geez, so many questions. I'm not even sure where to look for the answer!

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I poured my soap in first-- then pushed the rope thru the hole like the instructions say. (I used a chop stick as a tool)

The rope stays put! But my first practice soap didn't come out too well

Also, it takes longer for the soap to harden on those particular molds so you have to wait about 2 hours before you pull the mold apart.

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NO NO NO NOT another WalMart good-buy!!! I don't shop at WalMart! I don't even know where it is!!

(ok, if these soaps work out I might have to go find it, but I don't WANT to).

I hear ya. I TRY not to be a WalMart shopper myself. I do not like spending my money there.... :o


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I just made some for the first time... here is what I can offer from my mistakes, lol....

You will need more rope than you think!

I took one peice, folded it in half and tied the two ends together in a fat knot. I didn't trim the ends up or anything. I think the knot and frayed parts help it stay in place and hang on. I did mine in M&P so I waited until just before it really got a skin on it then stuck it in place with a metal chop stick. Some of them would want to float back up, but just keep poking it back down and sometimes I would hold it down for a few seconds and it would stay. When my rope began to show after a few uses , I worried it was going to come out early.. but so far it has held in there just fine.

And yes, I used that lovely Wal-Mart rope... it was on clearance even!:thumbsup:

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