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You people are EVIL!!!!


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I promised myself I would not start soaping...nope, no way.....

I just purchased a few pounds of butters in a co-op....

I have been looking at molds for days.....

See what you guys did? Evil enablers!

My question is, I want to purchase a good mold. Been looking at the misty creek, the kelsei, and several others. I would like to know what you like or dislike about your mold/molds, what brand you have, ease of use etc....I am planning on doing this for the long haul, and dont want to spend money on unecessary and multiple items, so I want a good mold to start with. Now I know everyone has their own preferences, but I am just looking for feedback. Any issues with dividers breaking, warping....etc? Dividers/no dividers better?

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Here's MY take on it (I have both, love both) -

Misty Creek (slab):

Pro-bar shape/size

Pro-wooden molds need less insulation IME

Pro-mold liner template easy to use

Pro-can use dividers to customize batch size

Pro-no cleanup (just toss your freezer paper

Con-hard to cut straight, even with the cutting slits

Con-have to line (but not hard) with freezer paper

Kelsei (slab)

Pro-no lining necessary

Pro-no cutting necessary

Pro-dividers "pull" swirls down so they wrap around each bar (kinda hard to describe)

Con-sometimes have difficulty getting dividers out (but that goes away)

Con-can't customize batch size

Con-some cleanup necessary

these are just some comments on 2 brands of slab molds - there are other brands of course. And then there are log molds, upright log molds, block molds, individual molds...

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I started with a drawer divider from walmart. Paid 2.99 for it. I also use a box for a slab mold. If you know somwone handy with wood have them make you a loaf mold to start. Good luck with your soaping! I stay away from the candle section because if I go there I will be hooked and wanting to do that too.

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Aren't we the evilest bunch?? I tell you....I was in your spot only a few months ago.

I have a Misty Creek 16 bar slab....and have used it once. Yesterday. Love it. Yes, you have to line it, but with their template (ingenius really), it's easy peasy. I also bought 2 four pound log molds from ebay and Mr. Doright...haven't used them but Grumpy swears by them.

Eugenia...did you have luck with your mold from Candles and Woodcrafts? I bought a 1 pound loaf (to play with) off ebay and I had an ugly experience. No communication after 4 emails and then mysteriously my item got lost in the mail...but before the allotted day to send me a replacement she went ahead and sent the "replacement". Yeah, the first never showed up. And not pretty. The mold is not square at all and the lid doesn't fit it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Just my :2cents: of course, and my experience.....


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I love me some doright molds from ebay. The Kelsei is a good mold when it doesn't stick and when you can get one from them. I do like the "wrap around sides" when it comes to the swirls though. This is an example of how it pulls them down when you insert the dividers.


I'm too lazy to line wooden molds. But lately I've been caught eyeballing the misty creeks.

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I don't have a Kelsi, but I do admire the way it pulls the pattern down the sides of the bars! Pretty!

I've got Misty Creek molds; 16 bar and a couple of 32 bar molds. Love them all. They take all the torture I put them through in and out of the oven and are a snap to line. The cutting is tricky and I don't have the knack of using the cutter effectively, but my husband is willing to do that part, so I'm ok with it! :) I use a large acrylic cutting board as a lid the the 32 bar mold.

I have a couple of the bar molds that assemble with nut and bolts I got off eBay, but they are not my favorites.

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I have owned about every mold out there.

My favorite, by far is the Misty Creek molds. They are heavy duty, made to last, nothing tricky about them as far as assembly. There is no assembly! That lining template is easy peasy. I am about to make mylar liners for both of them to end the lining madness. I too, despise lining molds for any purpose. I have the 32 bar and a 16 bar and I LOVE them both.

I would really like one of those plexiglass lined molds.

I have a FCS cutter, so I love log molds as well. I do have a few molds from Woodcrafters that I like, and the price is very affordable. Logs or slabs? Personally speaking - you need both.

I have had two Doright molds.

They are very well made, but the bar size is too small, IMO.

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Thank you all for your opinions! Grumpy and Carebear, I have been oogling your soaps for a long time, I hope some day to have wonderful soaps like you! I will admit tho, that chocolate soap and the acid trip soap that I have been admiring are the ones that pulled me to the dark side! I know it will be awhile for me to get the hang of it, especially on the time side of things. I have 4 children, 3 under the age of 3 (yes, I am a glutton for punishment, hence the attempting to try soaping too...), but with my DH only being home about 4 days a month (truck driver), I wont be trying unless he is home where I can keep the kids out of the kitchen. He's been trying to get me to do this for over a year, so I guess its time. I have been doing candles for a year, have 1 perfected, and more scents to go!

from the opinions so far, I may be getting 2. Still have to decide, but you are helping alot! Thank you to all!

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Ditto. Love Uplands. Would rather spend a little extra time at the end wiping down the liner than having to pre-line molds with freezer paper or whathaveyou. :highfive:

I really think that whathaveyou works a while lot better than plain old freezer paper - it really adds something special!

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