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I wanted to buy f/o samples to test and i had to spend $100.00 or they charge you $10.00 extra dollars if your order is under $100.00. I don't know too many people that would spend $100.00 on their first order before they test some samples, especially because you can't return fragrance oils. Most companies give you a break for purchasing a sampler pack. I wouldn't purchase from them because of the extra charge when there is so many other companies that gives you a break on f/o samples. Just my humble opinion.

Ronnie K.

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I must be the weird one....I purchased a bunch of samples from Wellington a couple of months ago and was thrilled with each and every one of them. I don't much like that extra $10.00 charge, though! :)

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I know several here weren't too impressed with them, however I figured I'd give them a try.

I purchased $100 with my initial order all samples. I was delighted with several of their fragrances, they did well in a soy/par blend. I only buy their premium line. Their dupes are very true (at least the ones I tried):

Amazing Grace (very true, and soft but not a weak scent)

Toasted Marshmallow (this one throws all over the place)

Black Cherry (super strong)


Ralph Lauren Blue (great!)

Chamomile & Sage (great in B&B)

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juliel why would you use 2oz of oil, when you can use better quality oils @ 1oz. pp and have a blow your doors off scented candle. just a waste of money if you have to use 2oz. of oil to get a great candle. jmo

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i know this is an old thread but i wanted to throw my :2cents: into this wellington question that i have been reading all the posts on. i use wellington and mine turn out just fine. i use c3 add fo at 150 and my customers like the scents. i do purchase a few that i won't change like brownie and buttercrumb from cajun. but wellington hasn't let me down yet. i ask all the time and find my customers have no problems either. i am like a kid in a candy store when i order fo so $100 is nothing cause i have NO control but after 100$ you pick out free samples and that is a nice bonus.


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