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Flower pot wicking

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I just started testing those little flower pots using ECO CB advanced soy. MY problem is the wicking.

First I tried HTP 73 and it was leaving hangups on the sides so I wicked up to 83 on another which seem to do the job but once they have cooled the top part of the wax turned to a grey color which is obviously a sign of sooting going on.

I'm using 1.0 oz of Gardenia and no color. Do I need to wick down even though it may leave hangups? I know I have some LX wicks somewhere but my main wicks are HTPs

Any help is appreciated. I did a search but not enough info.


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Did you burn to the bottom with the 73s? Alot of hangup will melt off with the bottom third of those pots since they are slightly smaller at the bottom, the heat rises up the sides and melts off.


Actually the 73's now burning cleaner with no hangups on the second burning but it's still turning the wax gray. I think I'll try to wick down and see if that will stop the gray. Isn't testing fun???:tongue2:

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The wax turning gray may have nothing to do with the wick being too hot, or burning just right for that matter. Some fragrances, after they have been burned and reharden, do turn different colors; gray, tan, orange, etc. Are you using color? I do not and have certain fragrances turn color after burning. It is an ingredient in the fragrance, or the original fragrance color. Call it a fragrance quirk. :D HTH

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