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A layered rustic that actually turned out!

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It's scented with Lychee from JS. I wasn't entirely sure what color a lychee fruit was, so hopefully I'm close. The FO was a yucky yellow-brown color but it looks like my dye chips covered that up nicely.

EDIT: turns out that lychee fruit is much more red. Oh well, I still think the color fits the fragrance just fine.

It might look like a ridiculous number of layers, but it was actually easier for me to do that many because then they cooled faster and there wasn't so much downtime in between for me to pace around the kitchen or poke and prod them. :D

It's very ridgey- what caused that? I'm not complaining, because I like it, but I'm just curious.

If you read my last gallery thread, you'll be happy to hear that this time the candle slid out of the mold pretty easily. I did discover a little trick- squeezing the mold with my hands then releasing seemed to loosen it up just enough.

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Wow starless you did an awesome job!! :highfive:

I know what you mean about the ridges, I've had that happen too. I think it's because the previous layer was a little too cool. It started to pull away from the sides allowing the next layer to drip down and create the ridge.

Those thin layers are time consuming, but look fabulous.

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Awesome job!!! :highfive: I agree with you on the thinner layers. You don't have to wait as long for them to cool so IMO they don't take quite as long. Keep up the good work. I gotta get started on mine this weekend :)

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One of my favorite things that I miss from Hawaii is picking Lychee.

I've never tried one, but I've never met a fruit I didn't like... wait, I don't like bananas... Lychee smells interesting though, a lot like grape. Not exactly like it, but the same sort of strong smell. Stunk up my whole apartment. ;)

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