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My latest embroidered apron


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May I ask what kind of machine you have? I am in the market for one but am finding they are SO expensive and I want to machine embroider so bad.

I have a Janome 9700. They are great! One thing I like about the Janome is that all they manufacturer are sewing/embroidery machines. I do not think you would be disappointed.

I managed a sewing store for 3 years before my son was born. That is when I purchased my first embroidery machine. I still work there a few times a month to help out. I upgraded from the Janome 5700 to the 9700 a couple of years agao.

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That's beautiful! I luv the font. I also embroider,I own a Brother. I make my own designs also. Did you make the apron too?

Yes I did make the apron. I have looked for plain quality aprons and just have not found any that I really liked. Either they are cheap and cheaply made or over priced for what I want.


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I do sell them if anyone asks but mostly I have been making them for my fellow candle making friends.:cool2:

I have looked at those embroidery machines - wow - very pricey.....

They are quite pricey. I am very fortunate to have an inside connection. Believe me...I did not pay retail!

I could probably get anyone interested in a Janome a quote..out of state no taxes either! They are very user friendly machines!

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