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Damaged shipment?


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Got my first call about a damaged shipment (sent UPS). Only two items in the shipment were damaged, but I've never had to do this before - I'm re-shipping her replacements tomorrow (via FedEx Ground this time), and I have a call in to UPS. Has anyone dealt with UPS on this issue and is it a PITA? Just want to get a heads up before they call back!

Thanks for your help! Oh, and no insurance was paid on the shipment...

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My UPS delivery man still shows up and hands me my packages. ten days ago he wheeled 100lbs of wax up my steep drivway and brought to my basement door.;)

I am lucky I have such a courteous UPS deliveryman as well. So far, knock on wood, I have never had any problems with UPS. But as with any other business, what kind of service you get just depends on the employee!!

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I'm lucky to have a great UPS man too. When he delivers my wax, he'll either carry it in if I'm home or set it in a chair on our covered porch. I've even had him cover up packages with plastic wrap when it's raining before leaving them on the porch. :)

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