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Help! How do you rebatch botched soaps.


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I made a batch of CP soap and it was doing freat, but when I put in my fragrance (sweet pea) it seized or whatever its called. Turned to hard mashed potatoes instantly. It went through all the processes but the darn scent seeped out all over. Now I need help on how to rebatch it or is it a lost cause? I have already grated it and the scent oil have seemed to settle back in it now. But it is very sticky. Any ideas what I can do for it?

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I took my grated soap from a ruined batch and put in bowl with a light misting of water and microwaved it, in one minute bursts as not to burn the soap (pew), and stirred each time, it worked great, once it was melted I put in mold and let it set up took out and cut.

I was relunctant to do as some things I read kind of made it sound hard, but actually it was the easiest thing I have done regarding CP soap



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