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Your favorite Creme Brulee


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My favorite is from JBN, as I got some off the classy's and the name was Goumet Creme Brulee and the label said wixnwax, I guess JBN is carrying wixnwax? The name on JNB isn't Goumet Creme Brulee any longer though,but because I order alot of other things I use BCN's and I did try TriStates, but I personally didn't see that it was any better than BCN's :tiptoe: ???? JMO

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Aztec gets my vote. Very nice.

I bought 3 bottles of it from Candle Science once, and it is very different. I still use it, but have renamed it to Maple Walnut, since it smells so different from Aztec's.

On another note, Creme Brulee seems to be a very heavy oil... I have been using it at 5% and less strengths, but it still spearates and settles to the bottom very quickly. Any tips on keeping it suspended better? I have even tried pouring it much cooler (123-125°), and even stirring it as the wax gels up, but that is a lot of work. How do YOU handle this?

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I vote Tristate. It is blow you out of the house strong, and smells amazing. I've smelled Candle Science, and, it's very strong as well, but, in my opinion, doesn't quite smell as good as Tristate's, and isn't quite AS strong throwing.

I've tried a zillion suppliers for creme brulee and Tri-States wins, hands down.

Yummy stuff.

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