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Best CP Tutorial??


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I would like to venture into CP soap making since I have done the CPHP method! I love how fast I am able to use the soaps but do not like how thick I have to attempt to swirl, so.............CP venturing it is for me to try.

Where would you suggest for the best tutorial for me to graphically see the process?? I hate that there arent better instructions on the tutorial page here on CT for CP.


God Bless,


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If you have been doing CPHP then you would omit the HP part. Instead of cooking it after trace, pour soap at trace into your mold, cover with saran wrap, and insulate.

There are so many tutorials out there,its hard to say which one is the best. Kathy Miller has some good info on her site, and there are a few on about.

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Hey, Lynn, I didn't know you'd made some HP! Cool deal, Lucille! If you're having trouble with fluidity of the batter at pour/swirl time, have you tried adding 1 TBL of sugar to the water and dissolving thoroughly before you add the lye? That seems to make my HP more fluid and easier to work with after the cook. Then again, sometimes I just cook to the gel stage. LOL

Have fun making CP! I just mix my lye water and set aside to cool. Then I melt my hard oils and blend in my liquid oils. Let them cool. Add the lye water to the oils and bring to trace with a stick blender. Add color & scent, and mold that baby! I insulate to encourage gel, but you don't have to do that if you don't want gel. Either way, you still get SOAP. :)

Good luck, girl! :yay:

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