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Seems like everyone had a good craft weekend


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But ME!

I did my 1st actual "craft show" on Sat. I have done markets (like farmer's market type of shows) and have done just ok- I was just geting the hang of it, but I have stopped since the weather is terribly hot!

It was a church fundraiser and the place was PACKED! of VENDORS, not too many customers. And a TON of candle vendors. I was so dissapointed. On my application I stated that I did not want to be near other candle vendors, well get this, there was abot 3 candle (or other wax related stuff) people per area!

They had vendors in the fellowship hall, in classrooms, in hallways, anywhere that there was space. So imagine what the total of candle vendors!

Well the place was overbooked in candle stuff, had I known, I would have NEVER signed up. I got my money back, and that was about it!

I was so dissapointed, that I don't think I want to do more craft shows, if they will all be anything like this. I signed up for 2 more, and I think that will be it for me. I'll stick to my markets & my momma! my #1 and only salesperson.

well like its been said before, it's either a hit or miss! ANd this was a total miss.

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Things like that happen a lot but you just have to keep going. I have do large show where there are 50 candle makers or better. I did very well too.

Don't judge all shows by your first experience out there. At least you got your money back.

I've done several school and church shows where I didn't sell anything and I certainly didn't get my money back. That's just the way it goes. Don't give up before you've even been discovered.;)

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