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Sample Case -- GREAT price!!


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I found this at Wal-Mart in the sporting goods section. It's actually a tackle box and cost a little over $8. There are three boxes which have 12 compartments each. The little sample-size tins from Wal-Mart fit in each compartment perfectly. It has a carrying strap and a handle so you can carry it on your shoulder or in your hand. The best thing is it is lightweight and small ... only 7-3/4" tall, 6" wide, and 6-1/2" deep. (Sorry for the quality of the pics ... I'm still learning how to use my digital camera!!)





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I got mine at wally world too, I posted pics on the old board but of course can't find them now. I use tarts in each scent in my plastic boxes, but I am thinking of switching to the mini-tins with aroma beads or the ground corn cob, since I have a ton of it left over! What I like best about mine is that it has a pocket on each side and huge zippered compartment on top, I can fit one of each size candle, about 3 or 4 bars of soap, a bottle of lotion, jar of whipped butter or sugar scrub in it too. I like to talk full-size stuff along with me too, so they can handle the actual products too.

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