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Just wondering what type of craft show inventory you all take to shows. I found out about this show last minute, so I'm going to be working late for the rest of the weekend and the week. It's a 2 day show and supposed to have a decent amount of traffic (I have no idea of exact amount). I've already invited everyone from my "real" job with invitations and coupons, so I hope to at least make my booth fee back ($125) I do candles, and have some jewelry items. No other extras. Any idea of what amount of items I should bring? I hope it's not too hot, supposed to be low 80's..so the candles should be ok.

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We did a show 2 weeks ago and I learned that I did not take near enough of some scents. I also learned that I cannot please everyone all the time.

We ran out of Fudge Brownie, Mulled Cider, Hot Apple Pie, Downy, Honeysuckle and if there is anything else I can't remember. Normally I run out of Love Spell, but not this time. We sold a little bit of everything. I was very disappointed that we sold no tins and only 2--16 keepsake jars. We sold either 8oz, 16oz jars and melts. No candle shades either. Every show is different you never know what to expect.

Eb is right take whatever you can fit in your car. We have a truck and car and I use the truck for shows and I put tables and some candles in plastic bins (in case of rain) in the bed of the truck and the extended cab part crammed to the top with boxes. If I can ever stop buying candle supplies and save my money I would like to invest in a top that has the hinges then I wouldn't have to worry about the rain :drool: . Until then I will make do with what I have.

Good luck to you.

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