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too much dye

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Hi all-

I might not be looking in the right archives or (couldnt be that I am a little impatient) but is there such a thing as using too much dye as with fragrances? I made a few soy candles (which I know will be creamy) but the color is just too light. Is there a "ok, you can stop with the color point"?

Thanks for any sharing you want to give.


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If you REALLY want to load up on dye in soy I'd say go with flake dye or those dye buttons. I've had the solvents in liquid dyes do some odd stuff with how soy sets up. The flakes seem more concentrated than the buttons - but there doesn't seem to be many places that carry a ton of the colors (though BCN has a lot). If you happen to try the flakes add them when your wax is at the hottest - say 180 - before you add FO - so they are easier to melt.

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I went looking for dye chips, and found most places have a minimum order. One place it was $25.00, another added $5.00 to the price for a below minimum order. Is this usual?
Not so unusual. You should consider buying them from here:


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