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Howdy all, I have been doing research on these little items.

I did a search on this board, but I am still confused.:confused:

Why do warning lables for tarts say not to use an electric warmer for them.

I have seen this on other candle sites too.

Says use a tealight to heat NOT and electric warmer?? Wouln't both work?

I use a electric warmer and put my FO"S in them and it works just fine...

Is there some safety issue I am missing???:undecided :shocked2:


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Years ago, before they started carrying the electric, yankme warning used to say that. I used their warning as a reference for mine. Also, I didn't have an electric burner to test with. If I couldn't test it, I didn't feel it should be OK on the warning. I now can test with electric and tealight and have changed my wording to use tealight or UL approved electric burner.

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I seem to remember someone talking about this some time back... the problem was some of the warmers being used was for the liquids put out for them... these inside bottom of these warmers had a slightly raised middle... if you put a tart in it that middle part wasn't covered with liquid when heating up and the bottom cracked...


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Actually the electric potpourri pots can get way too hot for tarts. You could have the wax spitting all over the place or the worse case scenario it could catch fire. I know some people use them, but most of them state right in their directions they are not recommended for candle wax.

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Simmer Pots - they are the ones that simmer the potpourri, and or oils.

Tart warmers- by tealight/electric - they are the ones with the detached bowl for the tarts/melts/clamshells..

Am I getting this right so far??;)

So on the warning lable, I should make sure I put:

For tealight and electric TART warmers, not for simmering pots .

Like I said, I never used the tart wamers. I thought the electric warmers were all the same.

Thanks everyone!!:wave:

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