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A rant if you will: Have you ever done this?


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I made my 4th batch os CP soap today with a fairly simple recipe. Everything turned out perfect. I add the color and do a BEAUTIFUL SWIRL in the pot. I pour it in the mold and what do I see? I forgot the danged fragrance!!! I was so mad and I didnt wanna waste it becuase I didnt have the sample 2 oz thing it came in. So I pour it back in my soap pot and mix it and pour it back in the mold. Sooooooooooo disaapointed in myself LOL:mad:

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Hey Landa! Join the club sweetie! LOL I was making a lavender/oatmeal soap and swirled it to perfection when, all of a sudden, I noticed the oil still awaiting to be added. Ya talk about mad! :mad: And, yes, like you, I had to add it and stir, but hey, I got over it, you will too. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! ;)

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