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OK6228 looks like BRAIN!


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LOL...I just poured some at 175 into a mold heated to 200, now its started to form the brain look on top! I didnt add anything to it except 3/4 oz of FO. What is going on ??? Thanks!

Some batches of OK6228 do this...some don't. It usually only happens on the first pour and when you do the repour it'll be nice and smooth (had it happen on a Banana Cream Pie pillar I made yesterday, but the ones made with Home Sweet Home didn't do it).

If doing tarts, heat the wax to 190, add FO and then let it cool to around 160. Then when you pour it'll be smooth, and you won't have much shrinkage. Or add container wax to it to keep the tops smooth.

Don't pour it any cooler though. I usually pour around 185-190. You'll get a smoother, shinier finish if you pour around this temp and heat the molds. (and if you want it REALLY shiny, put it in a water bath as soon as you pour. You can almost see your reflection! lol) I've used this wax since '99 and the first 3 years or so I never got the 'brainy' look. Since then it's hit or miss, but doesn't matter as long as I'm doing a repour.


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