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the jar store metros

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If this is in the wrong section sorry please move it :)

I have been using the jar store for jars for 1 of my candle sizes since starting candles. 8oz clear metros with flat lids. Recently they made a "new and improved" version of the same jar and dont sell the old thinner version. Im bummed since the price went up (and shipping as well due to weight Im sure) by about 25cents a jar ........ So if that didnt make me mad enough .......... and heres the ???????? to you all.... wont the newer thicker jar throw off all my research for wicking. Ive been making "recipes" for almost a year now and have quite a few FO's master wicked. Any input from you guys if it will throw the wicking off ?

Also in case anyone else is bummed ... I did find another supplier of the metro - www.fancycandlejars.com --- they will be almost 55 cents cheaper per jar then the new and improved jar store ones. !!!!!!!!

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Ditto Candlewitch.

I just received my first (and LAST) order from fancycandlejars.They are inconsistent in shape, some actually lean sideways! Some of the bases were uneven in thickness and the lids were hard to remove. Ask for a sample before you spend like I did. They don't seem to have a return policy...just a replacement policy. So...bottom line is you get what you pay for and then you're stuck with it!!!

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Hello, there,

This is my very first post to this board/forum. I am brand-new to candle-making, just started this summer, so am a newbie to both candle-making and to Candletec forum. Want to say hello to everyone, I love this site, it has already answered quite a few questions that have been puzzling me. It's good to know that other people have issues, too. I guess we're all in this together.

Keeping in mind that my experience is next-to-nil, I also was using the 8 oz. metro, and also found the Fancycandle site before the Jar Store brought out their new jar. I ordered 8 oz frosted metros from them, and have received them. I've only inspected and washed one case, but they seem fine. Now I'm worried about cracking.

I talked to a "wholesale and bulk" candlemaker locally who orders these jars from the Jar Store, and he told me the following:That the Jar Store had to stop ordering from their Chinese supplier because they were having too much trouble with the lids on the old style versions. Apparently, they ended up buying the company, in order to get the quality they wanted. So that is why the new jar type and the new pricing! This is just hearsay, but thought it might make you feel better to know they're not simply jacking up the prices.

Hope this helps.


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Last time I spoke to Paula at Jar Store which was about a month ago. She told me they just renegotiated with the original mfg they were dealing with and told them they had to make the jars thicker or they were going to find a new mfg and they started making them thicker.

She never said that she bought the company. And she calls them her jar making company, not OUR manufacturing company, so I don't know about what that person was saying. I guess things could have changed in a month but that is what I know. HTH

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